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Animals on a Farm Program for Kinder-2nd grade

Looking for a SIMPLE program that includes folksongs and from Kodaly-inspired pedagogy? This one is our gift to you – completely free!

You can grab the PDF of the full program including student speaking parts HERE when you sign up for the Elementary Music Teachers Talk Shop newsletter.

The EXTRA supplemental resources (large powerpoint, editable resources etc) can be downloaded FREE from our Teachers Pay Teacher store with this link.

The Program Order is:

  • Introductory Speakers (with optional slides)
  • Cow Speakers (with optional slides)
    • Little Boy Blue
    • Hunt the Cows (Additional resource available for purchase HERE.)
    • Little Black Bull
    • The Purple Cow (poem)
  • Horse Speakers (with optional slides)
    • Bell Horses (Additional resource available for purchase HERE.)
    • Hill and Gully Rider
    • Four White Horses
  • Sheep Speakers (with optional slides)
    • Little Bo Peep
    • Sheep that Keeps Me Warm Today (poem)
    • Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Additional resource available for purchase HERE.)
  • Goats Speakers (with optional slides)
    • Ridin’ of a Goat, Leadin’ of a Sheep
    • 3 Billy Goats Gruff
  • Pigs Speakers (with optional slides)
    • 5 Little Piggies (Additional resource available for purchase HERE.)
    • Old Woman and the Pig
    • Hogs in the Cornfield
    • This Little Piggy Went to Market
  • Closing Farm Songs About All Animals (single slide)
    • I Had a Rooster (Additional resource available for purchase HERE.)
    • I Lost the Farmer’s Dairy Key
    • I Went to Visit a Farm One Day
Grab the free program and get the Newsletter HERE!

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