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Picture Book Recommendation (Vocal Exploration)

Picture books can be a wonderful addition to your elementary music class – especially with younger grades. Keep reading for a great picture book recommendation for elementary music vocal exploration.

Benefits of using books include:

  • A change of pace and calm moment in class – especially helpful after a very active game.
  • Showing students a visual representation of what you’re singing. This can be especially helpful to English Language Learners.
  • Encouraging shy students to participate as it may not seem like singing. The book takes the pressure off
  • Keeping student’s attention when singing a song they already know well
  • Options for including in sub plans – any substitute can read a book!

When seamlessly woven into music classes, these storybooks can enhance and extend musical concepts and learning.

One of my favorite books for vocal exploration is “Down by the Cool of the Pool” by Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees I discovered this book when my oldest nephew was young and he LOVED it. We read it many (many, many) times on a very long car trip. He was a toddler, so the animal sounds were what kept it exciting for him. This helped me remember the book when I began teaching elementary music and it is perfect for pre-k to 1st grade for vocal exploration.

I specifically like the repeated “Wheeeeeeeeee” that encourages children to move up into their singing voice. Students will mimic the teacher, so demonstrate it almost as a vocal warmup and the kids will follow you.

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Looking for a fun song to practice vocal exploration? Try “I Had a Rooster.” Here’s a free set of slides to go with the song!